Crappy exams...
Damn!!!!!! I had actually forgotten all about this page... God, my last blog was during the World Cup.. in july.. and now its february... shit!!!!
well..anyway school got over on the 24th of November.. and here I am.. sitting at home... study holidays...(in our words - vacation!! lol)
Our exams start on March 1st and ends on 30th..(kind of lengthy don't you think..??) A whole month of exams... it couldn't be more perfect...!!!
Enough to make us go crazy...
bye for now blogging world... :) 

A lot of matters....
I'm back!!!!!!!
Our Unit Tests start from next Monday... the School has hardly reopened and now there's this exam... What a bummer...
Well Spain won the WC and all.... but lets see who'll win the next one... It's surely going to be the host nation.... Yes, the team with which the phrase JOGA BONITO is synonymous with.... Brazil!!!!!! :D
We have a P.T period tomorrow... we're going to win for sure!!!!!! And I'll score the winning goal for my team....atleast that's what I hope will happen... 
Well hope for the best!!!!!!
Signing out...Peace!!!!! :D

How to remove keyring password on Ubuntu 10.04
Hey people, I'm back!!!! I was setting up a Gwibber account for Twitter on my Ubuntu 10.04 desktopwhen I was asked to enter the keyring password, although I didn't know what the hell a keyring password was... But I found this site as a solution to this problem:
So Enjoy....

WC Semis
Yo people!!!!!! I'm blogging after a long time..... feels pretty good actually!!!! :D
School is fun as always, full of comedy.... But the most important thing on all our minds is the WORLD CUP!!! I support Brazil even though they're out of the tournament.... but they're still No.1 and WC 2014 is ours as it is played on our soil!!!! All the same I'm happy that Argentina lost.... If there's no Brazil, Argentina are also not needed!!!! :D
1st semifinal today between Netherlands and Uruguay.... chances of winning are more with Netherlands because the great Suarez is not playing for Uruguay...which gives Netherlands the upper hand.
The other semi final between Germany and Spain is going to be a treat with Spain being European champions and all... looking forward to these matches....Signing out....Peace!!!!!!! :D

Set up sound alerts for incoming mails in Mozilla Thunderbird on Ubuntu10.04
 I set up a sound alert for incoming mails in Thunderbird on my Ubuntu 10.04 desktop. The following are the steps for the process:
First you have to download the add-on themes for thunderbird. They are available at
After that you have to configure them. You can get those details from the following website
If you navigate to the website above, you will see that you can setup an
alert for your folder 'Inbox' and you will see that in the window where you configure it, you
are specifying the name of a sound file. In the example mentioned on the
link above, the the sound file for incoming mails from any subject is
stored in a directory named /home/jeltejan/sounds/mail/doorbell.wav.
Similarly you can point it to any sound file of your choice.

So may be, you can create a directory named /home/your name/sounds/mail/
and download some .wav files (sound files) and then configure your
thunderbird plugin to play a sound for all incoming mails.So you could download
the ones that you like and use it for incoming mail alerts. The links
below have may .wav files for incoming mail alerts:


One Day Away From A Short Break...
Today had class only till 12 p.m. When I came home there was no current and it came only at 1.30 p.m. Maths sir didn't take the test on determinants today. I don't know if he will, tomorrow. Tomorrow I have class only till 10 a.m. We'll have Chemistry for certain tomorrow, but only one of Maths or Computer will be there as each period is for 1 hour. Class begins at 8 a.m. And today 6 of played football again after a long time as we were told not to play after class a few weeks ago. It wasn't a game actually, we just took freekicks and penalties. Tomorrow our class for the month gets over and we only have to go again on next Wednesday. 

Blog after 3 days...
No class today... but have class on the next 3 days. Yesterday I had entrance class. In the test on Laws of Motion, I answered 21 out of 30 questions but got 5 of them wrong. Which means I will get a mark of -2 for all the wrong answers. Couldn't blog for the last 3 days.aah.. tomorrow we have a test on Determinants(Maths) and on Sunday we have a test on Sets,Relations & Functions and Complex Numbers at Brilliant (entrance class). The Monday and Tuesday after that is a holiday for us and school reopens on Wedneday... Bye for now... :D

Our prayers go in vain!!!!
Very bad news.... I have classes on next Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday and have entrance classes on May 30(Sunday)!!!! Only our school has class next week. The other Bhavan's schools don't!!! Damn!!! Today is my cousin's birthday and have to go there in the evening. And I have a test on Newton's Laws of Motion in entrance class this Sunday. Have a test on Electrostatics and Boolean Algebra on the reopening day of school(June 2). And a test on Deteminants(maths) at school this Tuesday... Looks like I won't be able to have much fun over the next few weeks... Bye for now.. :D

Shocking News!!!
Today I heard some bad news. We may have class next week.. we had thought that next week would be a very small vacation for us. Damn!!!! We might get holidays only on Monday and Friday... :( Everyone was shocked when we heard this news. I just hope that the teachers will show mercy on us and give us the whole of next week a vacation... Pray for us...Bye for now.... :)

More from Johnson Sir!!!!
Today we had class only till 12.30 p.m. And our class teacher told us not to play after class from today...:(
Aaah... but that's not a problem as our class ends this Friday.... :D. Today we had another "valip"(funny, in a stupid manner) fro mour Maths teacher Johnson sir. Our Maths period was already over and we asked him to stop the day's class. He insisted on doing another problem and then we said we would do it as homework. Then Sir said that "school was our 2nd home" and doing it in class was the same as doing it in school...:| He even has a fan club in Orkut which has his latest "valips".... of the year 2007.... ha ha... :D

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